Call me a sex addict or a nymphomaniac if you like, purrs the ravishing temptress known simply as Samira. Im Latina, so Im naturally hot-blooded and need sex all the time. It may make me a bad girl, but it doesnt make me something to fear. Were not afraid of lusty Samira even though she can be a real handful. At first, the men in my life like that Im aggressive and demanding, she coos. Then after a while theyre begging me to go easy on them. Most guys think it would be great to have a woman that needs sex three or four times a day, but when they get with me, they cant keep up the pace. I need a guy with ...lots of staying power! Does scintillating Samira have any other hobbies besides sex? I love to go salsa dancing, she replies, but that usually leads to more sex. Its true what they say about a man: If hes good on the dance floor, hes usually good in bed. With a laugh, Samira fesses up, Im always looking for a man who can put the moves on me on the dance floor and in the bedroom. Adding more sizzle, Samira concludes, I think one of the most natural things you can do in life is be naked. Maybe thats why I wanted to do a HUSTLER layout. Wouldnt it be great if we could all just be naked and free all the time? Imagine the money wed save on clothes if all of us were nude. It would be great to see everyone like that. As the sexy exhibitionist tangos off into the sunset, she draws the line. Well, maybe not fat people.
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